weed abatement central coast, CA

When you hire Ant’s Tractor Mowing for weed abatement you are getting a full-service team that is fully equipped for the job. 

Weed abatement is the process of controlling and removing brush, grasses, and other plants that: 

  • Pose a fire hazard
  • Are invasive or toxic
  • Are otherwise dense and overgrown, causing a number of other issues
  • Are growing in areas that need to be prepared for building or crops

A variety of equipment and methods are used for effective weed abatement and Ant’s Tractor Mowing is the company to call for removing hazardous and unwanted weeds and shrubs from your property.

Fire prevention

Flail mowing is one of the most economical ways to satisfy local weed abatement regulations and avoid costly fines. In fire-conscious neighborhoods, well-mowed land is just as important as fences for being a good neighbor. 

Dry and highly flammable plant material can be mowed to a safe height quickly and thoroughly, extending the reduced fuel zone a distance beyond the recommended 100-feet for Zone 2. Cutting grass and weeds to 4-inches with a flail mower is much more efficient and better for the land than overgrazing, which can lead to damaged root systems and erosion.  

Invasive plant control

While fire prevention is one very important role for flail mowing for weed abatement. Controlling invasive plant species is a leading and critical environmental role. CalFire reports that invasive plant species can do harm by: 

  • “Irreversibly damage natural habitats”
  • Excluding native plants
  • Increase flammability
  • Change the chemistry of the soil
  • Harm wildlife and livestock due to toxicity and more
weed abatement central coast, CA

The full suite of weed abatement services includes: 

  • Weedeater services, also known as is effective for spaces that are too small for a tractor, where there is landscaping to negotiate around and where more detailed weed abatement is needed, such as along fence lines. Other terms for weedeating include weed whacking, string or line trimming, edge trimming or whipper snipping,
  • Mowing, accomplished with a tractor and a flail mower is a cost-effective and efficient method for removing and controlling weeds and shrubs on acreage, large lots, pastures, and other open spaces. 
  • Defensible space is the amount of space, defined as zones, that fire authorities advise is necessary to protect structures, property, and lives in the event of a wildfire. 
weed abatement central coast, CA

Our team

The team has you covered from the first phone call all the way until you’re 100% satisfied with the job. 

Owner, Anthony Elisarraras, is born and raised on the Central Coast and acquired the company from his father, who started Ant’s Tractor Mowing in 2004. Since acquiring the company, Anthony has added safety measures that meet CalFire guidelines, added effective personal safety equipment for the team, and updates the equipment annually to make sure everything delivers the top performance. 

As a company, the entire team strives to maintain an incredible work ethic to protect our customers, your homes, and your property. Through consistent, high-quality service and competitive pricing, we work hard to gain lifetime relationships with our clients. 

Defensible Space

Defensible space is made up of three zones that are defined as:

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Zone 0

Zone 0 is the area immediately around buildings, decks, and other structures and extends up to 5-feet from each structure. The purpose is to create a space that is as resistant to embers starting a fire as possible. Using non-combustible hardscaping like gravel or slate, removing dead leaves, dry grass, and landscaping with appropriate low-growing plants, and using non-combustible furnishings and décor on decks are some of the recommendations for creating this zone.

Zone 1

Zone 1 extends 30-feet from buildings, decks, and structures, or the end of the property line. Some of the recommended steps to take to create Zone 1 include removing dead and dry plants, grass, and other vegetation, trimming trees and removing branches that are hanging over roofs, creating 10 feet of space between trees and creating safe spaces between trees, shrubs, firewood and other materials that could catch fire.    

Zone 2

Zone 2, a reduced fuel zone extending from 30-feet to 100-feet from buildings and structures on the property, or to the property line. Creating a reduced fuel zone means mowing grass to at least 4-inches, creating clearances around woodpiles and propane tanks creating safe vertical and horizontal spaces between shrubs, trees, grass, leaves, twigs, and other debris that is over a certain depth.

We offer free estimates for your convenience.

Ant’s Tractor Mowing provides tractor mowing and the heavy-duty weed abatement services that are necessary to create defensible space that protects homes, businesses, and farm or ranch structures.