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We have the experience and knowledge to tackle any project you may have. We use professional equipment, so we can get the job done correctly the first time. The areas we clear for you will comply with all Calfire guidelines.

Our staff will always work to not only meet your expectations, but will work to exceed all expectations. We use all the proper safety gear when weed whacking or mowing available and we are fully ensured, so you can have full confidence in our services. Our workers safety as well as yours is our first priority.

View before and after images below to see our work and how your property can go from being dangerously overgrown to clean, clear, and safe.

Abatement Cleared

Before and After

Tractor Mowing Work

We offer free estimates for your convenience.

Ant’s Tractor Mowing provides tractor mowing and the heavy-duty weed abatement services that are necessary to create defensible space that protects homes, businesses, and farm or ranch structures.

Ant's Tractor Mowing
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