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Defensible space

Creating defensible space is essential to improve your home’s chance of surviving a wildfire. What is defensible space? Defensible space is the buffer you create between a building on your property and the weeds that surround it. Defensible space is also important for the protection of the firefighters defending your home.

Safety in numbers

1. General Liability: $2,000,000

2. Automobile Insurance: $1,000,000

3. Workman’s Compensation: $1,000,000

4. Each towing and/or crew vehicle has on-board (1) fire extinguisher and round-point shovels.

5. Each tractor has on-board (1) 2-1/2 gallon water extinguisher and (1) fire extinguisher.

CAL FIRE recommended defensible space: 100’ clearance around buildings, structures, decks, etc.

Zone 1

…extends 30 feet out from buildings, structures, decks, etc.

  • Remove all dead plants, grass and weeds (vegetation).

  • Remove dead or dry leaves and pine needles from your yard, roof and rain gutters.

  • Trim trees regularly to keep branches a minimum of 10 feet from other trees.

  • Remove branches that hang over your roof and keep dead branches 10 feet away from your chimney.

  • Relocate woodpiles into Zone 2.

  • Remove or prune flammable plants and shrubs near windows.

  • Remove vegetation and items that could catch fire from around and under decks.

  • Create a separation between trees, shrubs and items that could catch fire, such as patio furniture, wood piles, swing sets, etc.


Zone 2

…extends 100 feet out from buildings, structures, decks, etc.

  • Cut or mow annual grass down to a maximum height of 4 inches.

  • Create horizontal spacing between shrubs and trees. 

  • Create vertical spacing between grass, shrubs and trees.

  • Remove fallen leaves, needles, twigs, bark, cones, and small branches. However, they may be permitted to a depth of 3 inches. 

For more information please visit: http://www.readyforwildfire.org/Defensible-Space/

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