san luis obispo abatement mowing

Mowing is the fastest and most efficient way to get rid of overgrown weeds and brush and tractor-powered flail mowing is the top choice for large areas. Pastures, fields, and basically any open spaces that are large enough for a tractor are going to benefit from flail mowing.

The cost-effectiveness of flail mowing overriding mowers, weed-whacking, widespread herbicide use, and even livestock grazing means the job gets done faster and more economically. Other benefits include: 

  • Flail mowers excel at cutting brush and weeds
  • There is less risk of injury or property damage from flying debris
  • Grass is mulched as it is mowed, returning to replenish the earth and also reducing fire risk
  • Land is quickly cleared of flammable growth, lowering the risk to wildfires
  • The grass in horse pastures can quickly be mowed to a safe, grazeable height
  • Mowing at the right time is one of the first steps in controlling noxious invasive weeds in grazing lands and open grasslands
  • Farmland can be cleared quickly and ready to prepare for crops
  • Land can be quickly cleared to prepare for building
  • Weeds and overgrowth on fallow land can be kept under control
  • Lots and land for sale can be kept clear, increasing their “curb appeal”

Fire prevention

Flail mowing is one of the most economical ways to satisfy local weed abatement regulations and avoid costly fines. In fire conscious neighborhoods, well mowed land is just as important as fences for being a good neighbor. 

Dry and highly flammable plant material can be mowed to a safe height quickly and thoroughly, extending the reduced fuel zone a distance beyond the recommended 100-feet for Zone 2. Cutting grass and weeds to 4-inches with a flail mower is much more efficient and better for the land than overgrazing, which can lead to damaged root systems and erosion.  

Invasive plant control

While fire prevention is one very important role for flail mowing for weed abatement. Controlling invasive plant species is a leading and critical environmental role. CalFire reports that invasive plant species can do harm by: 

  • “Irreversibly damage natural habitats”
  • Excluding native plants
  • Increase flammability
  • Change the chemistry of the soil
  • Harm wildlife and livestock due to toxicity and more

Before and After

san luis obispo abatement mowing
san luis obispo abatement mowing
san luis obispo abatement mowing
weed abatement central coast, CA

Mowing infested areas at the right time of year clears the space, increasing visibility to locate the invasive plant beds and use integrated weed management to manage and eliminate, or reduce the presence of unwanted plant species.

Some of the most prevalent invasive species found in California and on the Central Coast include: 

  • Acacia
  • Meadow foxtail
  • Mustard varieties
  • Bromes (grass)
  • Yellow star thistle
  • Pampas grass
  • Horehound 
  • Mallow

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